Our Working Sectors

Griffith Work Force Offer Man Power To Below Mentioned Working Sectors


An expert farmer will never go for machine harvesting especially for grapes harvesting, as he knows grapes are better picked by hand-pick harvesting. For that our seasonal workforce always remain ready to pick and pack grapes carefully.


You can harvest zucchini fruit anytime when you see the fruit is grown and giving a soft touch. Here at Griffith workforce, you can get any type of farming labour force in NSW, to pick and pack zucchini fruit according to your requirement.


Cherry fruit needs a professional harvesting with sensitive care, as we have hired experienced labor force and trained them to pick cherry fruit without damaging a single fruit. You can contact us for workforce in NSW to harvest and pack your cherry fruit.


Potato harvesting needs special tools and machinery along with experienced workforce so that they could be picked carefully and packed after washing thoroughly. For that you can contact us to get and planting and harvesting machinery and workforce in NSW especially for Griffith and Hillston.


We also provide a farming labour force to take care of your nursery etc., as we have all types of the seasonal and regular workforce who have a great experience of agriculture and horticulture industry.


You can get the best farming workforce for your cauliflower planting and harvesting, as are known for providing the seasonal labour force in Griffith and Hillston and also cover the whole NSW.


This is a seasonal fruit and Griffith workforce always remain ready to provide orange planting and harvesting machinery along with experienced labor force in NSW


When it comes to the plantation and harvesting of olive fruit, you need a well-trained workforce which you can get easily any time by calling Griffith workforce in NSW.


Tomatoes are regularly grown vegetable, you need a special type of machinery for the plantation and to harvest this crop carefully. For that, you can contact us any time for machine tools and labor force for harvesting and packaging of tomatoes in Griffith and Hillston.


It is an under soil crop which needs special hands and tools to remove soils and dust attached to during its plantation and harvesting. So we are there to provide you with the best workforce in NSW.


You can contact us for cucumber plantation, harvesting and packaging, as we provide all types of the experienced workforce for these types of regular crops in Australia.


Here, we also provide labor for bedding plant production in NSW, as we have our own nursery and warehouses where we gather bedding plant which needs special care.


Griffith workforce is always called for all types of fruits and vegetables like butternut plantation, harvesting and packaging in NSW.


Onions require machine tools and experienced operators for its plantation and harvesting. For that, we are there for you to get the best workforce in Griffith and Hillston.

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