About Us

About Us

We, the Griffith Work Force Pty Limited, are known as the largest labor force providers for the Horticulture as well as for the Agriculture industries in New South Wales and its surroundings. We are into this profession for last 14 years and have created a great benchmark of providing the skilled and reliable labor force to different types of industries related to farming. Here, you can contact us for any type of labor requirement for your farms etc. And except for the workforce, we also provide agricultural machinery and operators like tractors, forklifts and their drivers etc.

As we are the fastest growing workforce providers of NSW for framing and its branches, we have maintained large warehouses and sheds in Griffith and Hillston area where we park our transport vehicles, we do packaging of vegetables and fruits, perform cutting and pruning jobs, also do grading and chipping etc. under these warehouses.

Here, you just need to call us for labor requirement according to your agricultural land and crops, we will organize the labor according to your need, as we recruit candidates directly for seasonal agricultural positions and test their skills to make them able to work at farms etc. Each of our worker is experienced and having great knowledge of crops and different types of fruits and vegetables. So when you call us for workforce, we plan a team of experienced candidates for the particular job and take them to your place, as they start working from the very first day with your guidelines. Here, we hire at-least 100 workers each years who work responsibly for our clients and make them satisfied.

Whosoever related to agricultural business in NSW and nearby locations, called us for workforce is quite satisfied and recommend us for all types of agricultural workforce. We are basically located in Griffith but cover all the nearby areas and take our skilled workforce to our client’s location.

  • Labor Provider

  • Provide Machinery Operators

  • Experienced Staff

  • Transport Service

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