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Griffith Workforce is a pride name in agricultural industry, as we have the dreams of our agriculture businessmen, make true by providing on time labor force along with high-tech machine tools so that our farmer brothers could do perfecting plantation and harvesting to get the best yield out of their crops.

We are basically from an agricultural background from our ancestors and here in Australia we are growing in the same business in which we are perfect, as the person should only follow those steps on which he is learnt to move. So we chose agriculture and horticulture business to make our ancestors name shine and now we have not only made our name shine in this industry, we are also boosting other farmers to make their dreams true by providing them guidance related to crops and machinery needed for it and our major focus by being Griffith Workforce is to provide skilled labor force and modern technology agricultural tools to the farmers who need to do plantation and harvesting in their fields.

If we talk about our company’ age, then it is about one and half a decade ages, it means we are a 14 years old company and have created a great benchmark of satisfying 100% of our valued customers by providing them skilled and reliable workforce for their different types agricultural and horticultural needs.

We are the only name in NSW, especially in Griffith area which has got high success in this business and now we have become the first choice of farmers who need immediate workforce for seasonal as well as regular crops for harvesting, pruning, plantation and packing of fruits and vegetables etc.

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We have no partnership with anyone, as we are an independent company for providing workforce for any type of agricultural and horticultural need. Here, we do not only provide labor to the individual farmer, as we are connected to the agricultural and horticultural industry and provide these industries highly skilled workforce for various types of required tasks in this business like after harvesting, some necessary tasks are required like washing and packing of the fruits and vegetables, cutting and chipping, grading of the fruits and vegetables etc.

Today, we are known as the largest labor force providers for the Horticulture as well as for the Agriculture industries in New South Wales and its surroundings. Here, you can contact us for any type of labor requirement for your farms etc. And except for the workforce, we also provide agricultural machinery and operators like tractors, forklifts and their drivers etc.

As we are the fastest growing workforce providers of NSW for framing and its branches, we have maintained large warehouses and sheds in Griffith and Hillston area where we park our transport vehicles, we do packaging of vegetables and fruits, perform cutting and pruning jobs, also do grading and chipping etc. under these warehouses.

Here, you just need to call Griffith Workforce for any type of farming labor requirement according to your agricultural land and crops, we will organize the labor according to your need, as we recruit candidates directly for seasonal agricultural positions and test their skills to make them able to work at farms etc. Each of our worker is experienced and having great knowledge of crops and different types of fruits and vegetables. So when you call us for workforce, we plan a team of experienced candidates for the particular job and take them to your place, as they start working from the very first day with your guidelines. Here, we hire at-least 100 workers each years who work responsibly for our clients and make them satisfied.

Whosoever related to agricultural business in NSW and nearby locations, called us for workforce is quite satisfied and recommend us for all types of agricultural workforce. We are basically located in Griffith but cover all the nearby areas and take our skilled workforce to our client’s location. Click here to read more about us.

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We are into the real estate sector for the last one decade and satisfying our customers by providing them very affordable self-contained accommodations like caravans in Griffith area.

Except for the agricultural workforce and real estate business, we are also into pollination business of honey bee, as we produce high quality beehives of World’ best bees.

We are known as one of the best agricultural transportation and harvesting machinery providers in NSW, as you will get the best cotton harvesting machinery and workforce from our side.

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[block title=”1. Grapes” image=”2428″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]
An expert farmer will never go for machine harvesting especially for grapes harvesting, as he knows grapes are better picked by hand-pick harvesting. For that our seasonal workforce always remain ready to pick and pack grapes carefully.

[block title=”2. Zucchini” image=”2435″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

You can harvest zucchini fruit anytime when you see the fruit is grown and giving a soft touch. Here at Griffith workforce you can get any type of farming labor force in NSW, to pick and pack zucchini fruit according to your requirement.

[block title=”3. Cherry” image=”2425″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Cherry fruit needs a professional harvesting with sensitive care, as we have hired experienced labor force and trained them to pick cherry fruit without damaging a single fruit. You can contact us for workforce in NSW to harvest and pack your cherry fruit.

[block title=”4. Potatoes” image=”2433″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Potato harvesting needs special tools and machinery along with experienced workforce so that they could be picked carefully and packed after washing thoroughly. For that you can contact us to get and planting and harvesting machinery and workforce in NSW especially for Griffith and Hillston.

[block title=”5. Nursery” image=”2429″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

We also provide farming labor force to take care for your nursery etc., as we have all types of seasonal and regular workforce who have a great experience of agriculture and horticulture industry.

[block title=”6. Cauliflower” image=”2424″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

You can get the best farming workforce for your cauliflower planting and harvesting, as are known for providing the seasonal labor force in Griffith and Hillston and also cover the whole NSW.

[block title=”7. Orange” image=”2432″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

This is a seasonal fruit and Griffith workforce always remain ready to provide orange planting and harvesting machinery along with experienced labor force in NSW.

[block title=”8. Olive” image=”2430″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

When it comes to the plantation and harvesting of olive fruit, you need a well trained workforce which you can get easily any time by calling Griffith workforce in NSW.

[block title=”9. Tomatoes” image=”2434″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Tomatoes are regularly grown vegetable, you need a special type of machinery for the plantation and to harvest this crop carefully. For that you can contact us any time for machine tools and labor force for harvesting and packaging of tomatoes in Griffith and Hillston.

[block title=”10. Garlic ” image=”2427″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

It is an under soil crop which needs special hands and tools to remove soils and dust attached to during its plantation and harvesting. So we are there to provide you the best workforce in NSW.

[block title=”11. Cucumber” image=”2426″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

You can contact us for cucumber plantation, harvesting and packaging, as we provide all types of experienced workforce for these types of regular crops in Australia.

[block title=”12. Bedding Plant Production” image=”2422″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Here, we also provide labor for bedding plant production in NSW, as we have our own nursery and warehouses where we gather bedding plant which needs special care.

[block title=”13. Butternut” image=”2423″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Griffith workforce is always called for all types of fruits and vegetables like butternut plantation, harvesting and packaging in NSW.

[block title=”14. Onions” image=”2431″ icon=”fa fa-plus-circle”][/block]

Onions require machine tools and experienced operators for its plantation and harvesting. For that we are there for you to get the best workforce in Griffith and Hillston.

[title title=”We Are Currently Servicing These Local Farms ” color=”#000000″ align=”text-center” underline=”1″]

[panel-box title=”1. Cherry King Pty Ltd” icon=”” animation=”left-to-right” el_class=”text-left” heading=”3″ icon_pos=”icon-pos-right”]
[panel-box title=”3. Foster Grapes” icon=”” animation=”left-to-right” el_class=”text-left” heading=”3″ icon_pos=”icon-pos-right”]
[panel-box title=”5. Dhillon Farm Westbank Hillston” icon=”” animation=”left-to-right” el_class=”text-left” heading=”3″ icon_pos=”icon-pos-right”]
[panel-box title=”7. Omega Grafted Vines Pty Ltd” icon=”” animation=”left-to-right” el_class=”text-left” heading=”3″ icon_pos=”icon-pos-right”]
[panel-box title=”2. Lachlan Produce” icon=”” animation=”right-to-left” el_class=”text-right” icon_pos=”icon-pos-left”]
[panel-box title=”4. Treetops Plantation Griffith” icon=”” animation=”left-to-right” el_class=”text-right” icon_pos=”icon-pos-left”]
[panel-box title=”6. Piccoli Farm Corporate” icon=”” animation=”right-to-left” el_class=”text-right” icon_pos=”icon-pos-left”]
[panel-box title=”8. Keenan Produce Pty Ltd” icon=”” animation=”right-to-left” el_class=”text-right” icon_pos=”icon-pos-left”]

[title title=”Why Choose Griffith Workforce?” color=”#000000″ underline=”1″]

It is for sure that if Griffith workforce is providing labor force to various farms in NSW, other competitors are also offering same and claim to bet the best in this business. But do not run this business to compete with anyone in NSW, as our main focus is to provide the exactly skilled and experience labor force to agricultural as well horticultural units in Griffith and nearby areas which do plantation and harvesting of various crops like fruits, vegetables and grains etc. We also serve for individual farms which needs expert labor as well as high-tech machinery for plantation and harvesting purposes.

There is a very strong reason why should you contact us to get workforce is, we are not just farming labor force providers in NSW, we belong to a highly successful agricultural background and our ancestors and by having in-depth knowledge of this particular field, we are into agriculture and horticulture business with acres of agricultural land on which we grow various types of crops. Here you can find our working sectors in Griffith and Hillston.

And the next reason of choosing Griffith Workforce is, as we use the best and highly skilled labor for our own farms, in the same manner we provide workforce for our customer’s farms who contact us to get labor force. Here, we do not compete with anyone, as if we expect quality service, we also offer skilled and efficient workforce to our customers.

Here one more reason is there to choose us for our farms and agricultural industry. We focus on the features and efficiency of plantation, washing as well as harvesting machinery, then we buy it to provide the best machinery on rent basis to our customers. Here our experience speaks that whosoever come to us to get harvesting machinery or require transportation, praise us and recommend us with highly positive feedback, as we provide the best quality machinery for plantation and harvesting purpose to make our client’s word done quickly.

Therefore, if you want to make profit out of your farm and crops, then take our advice along with efficient workforce and harvesting machinery. Our service speaks its value. So contact us today.

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