About Us

Griffith Work Force PTY Limited is one of the largest providers of labor to the Horticulture and Agriculture Industries. We are reliable professionals with over 14 years of experience. We organize labor for all seasonal farm work. As well as we do provide all type of machinery and operators (ex. Tractor drivers, Folk lift drivers etc.).
We have sheds in surrounding areas of Hillston and Griffith, Related to transport, Packing, Loading,Unloading, Cutting/Pruning, Grading, Chipping, Fruit and Vegetables Picking. We orgenise labor for all these sectors. We are fast growing labor providers near to Griffith and Hillston area.

Griffith Work Force specialises in the sourcing of workers for direct employment in seasonal agricultural positions by client employers. Griffith Work Force is principally in Griffith, Nsw, Australia. We recruit up to 100 workers per year.

Stuff We Do Best

Labor Provider: 100%
Provide Machinery Operators: 100%
Experienced Staff: 100%
Transport Service: 100%

Our Team

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